A Little Effort Can Go a Long Way to Help Young Women in Africa

It’s incredible what a small thing can do to help change a persons life.

photo 5

Bathroom facility at a typical school in the interior. These are often unusable for anything other than the most basic needs.

In Liberia, young women often miss up to a week of school per month because of their periods. They often have no access to either suitable hygiene materials or even restroom facilities at school. It is often hard for us to imagine something so routine being a major barrier to anyone, but the reality is that this small issue sets thousands of young women behind, and discourages them from continuing their education.

Thanks to the generosity of Jennifer Squire and the ladies at The Rock Church, next week Lifting Liberia will be transporting reusable hygiene kits to distribute to some of these young women. These kits provide an affordable way for them to attend school even if they are miles from home or a place to wash.

Lifting Liberia hopes that others will join The Rock Church in taking small steps that make a big difference in the lives of Liberians struggling to get an eduacation! Please click our “Ways to Support Us” tab for more information.

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