Don’t Miss the Exciting Events this Week with Lifting Liberia!!

Don’t miss this week’s exciting events!

First, this Thursday June 25th at Bleu Bistro from 6pm to 9pm in Salt Lake City Lifting Liberia will be hosting an auction fundraiser! There will be food, drinks, music, raffle, and prizes!

Come out to meet some of Lifting Liberia’s supporters and have some fun while contributing to a great cause! At 8pm President and Founder Karen Mathot will be giving a short presentation on Lifting Liberia’s current efforts and the difference your contriubtions can make.

See our previous post for more information!

Then, this Sunday from 9am to 2pm at Wheeler Farm Market in Salt Lake City Lifting Liberia will be selling hand made crafts from Liberia! Every purchace goes directly to helping children whose lives were devestated by the Ebola Epidemic, and supporting our continuing commitment to educating the children of Liberia.

Come give us a visit and have some fun for a brighter future for Liberians!

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