How Your Contributions Saved a Young Girl’s Life and Education


Fatu, pictured above in her classroom, narrowly escaped with her life after her village turned on her.

17 year old Fatu joined our Girls Enrichment Program two years ago with the hopes of being one of the few girls in Liberia fortunate enough to finish a high school. With personal, financial, and medical support from Lifting Liberia, Fatu left her parents and her home village to attend a school that would otherwise be too far, too dangerous, and too expensive.

She moved to Bong Mines, Bong County and was living with her aunt and her cousin attending school when Ebola broke out.

Bong county found itself at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak, and it wasn’t long before Fatu’s aunt and cousin both fell ill and died. With schools shut down across the country, Fatu returned home to wait out the epidemic, hoping she and the rest of her family would be spared and she could go back to school.

Unfortunately, when she returned to Bong Mines she found her aunt’s house had been taken over by the villagers, their belongings burned, and her presence unwanted. Her family had been among the first to contract Ebola, and they were now blamed for bringing it to the village.

Fearing for her life she tried to transfer to to another school, but faced bureaucratic barriers. Yet both her and the District Education Officer were convinced that if she did not leave soon, the villagers would kill her. Lifting Liberia worked with local officials and fought to have Fatu given special permission to transfer, and found her a safe place where she could continue school.

Fatu is now safely living with her older sister in Kakata. She will be one of two girls to graduate high school this year thanks to Lifting Liberia’s Girl’s Enrichment Program, and the generous contributions of people like you. Thank you!

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