In Memoriam

Lifting Liberia would like to honor those people connected with Lifting Liberia that have passed away due to the Ebola Epidemic. We are greatly grieved by these losses, and the losses that all the Liberians of West Africa continue to sustain. In their memory we resolve to work harder to help rebuild the nation of Liberia and provide relief for its people.

Lifting Liberia asks that you keep the following brave individuals and their families in your thoughts and prayers:


Rev. Napoleon Braithwate, Vice President


Born: Dec. 25, 1959
Died: Sept. 25, 2014

Rev. Napoleon Braithwate was a valued member and friend of Lifting Liberia. He was a true servant of the people, working as both a pastor and an educator. He was also a key figure in the founding of Lifting Liberia. With his hard work and dedication Lifting Liberia was able to make a difference in his community and throughout the country, providing education for underprivileged youth, and inspiring adults to get involved with the rebuilding of Liberia. Rev. Braithwate was also instrumental in the founding and running of the Kingdom Kids Academy Elementary School in Barnesville Township, Barnesville Monrovia. Lifting Liberia built the school in 2011, which was then run by Rev. Braithwate until his death.

His loss is a great tragedy to all the people at Lifting Liberia who knew and loved him. He leaves behind eight children, and an entire community whom he spent his life helping.


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