Lifting Liberia and Africa Heartwood Team up for Ebola Orphans

During the Ebola Crisis, the Lifting Liberia team sacrificed their safety, and sometimes their lives, to help vulnerable people in Liberia. During this time we traveled into the interior where help was most needed, yet most scarce.

Today we are continuing our commitment to the families and children who have suffered through the epidemic by working with government ministries and other NGO’s. However, working in the interior comes with its dangers still, even after the threat of Ebola has receded. Local corruption, crime, and violence still pose a threat to both vulnerable Liberians and those who seek to protect them.

In September, eight children were extracted from an Ebola stricken community in Small Ganta at great personal risk. Josephine, Leo, Mercy, Oretha, Patrick, Serrina, Faith, and Janet all survived the epidemic when it hit their town, starting with their family.

Stigma and poverty made it impossible for these children to stay and Lifting Liberia helped these children find their way to the auspices of Africa Heartwood, an organization who provides housing and care for Ebola Orphans.

Now all eight children have found sponsors that will help pay for their care and education. However, without the risks taken by a few individuals at Lifting Liberia, this would never have been possible.

Now is the time to show our gratitude and support for their efforts. Please consider a donation today, or visit our “Ways to Support Us” page for more information.

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