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Scholarship Program

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Lifting Liberia’s scholarship program is aimed at alleviating the financial burdens that prevent children and young people from attending school. Often times, when faced with the choice of paying to send a child to school, or having him or her work to help support the family, poverty stricken parents feel forced to choose the latter. By providing scholarships which pay for the necessary fees and costs of attending school, Lifting Liberia creates exciting possibilities for the children and families of Liberia.

Since its founding, Lifting Liberia has sponsored the education of well over 100 students. Many of these students are among the most vulnerable of Liberia’s youth such as orphans and children with disabilities. Lifting Liberia believes that all these children have the right to enrich themselves through education, and that the future of the country relies on the empowerment of all its citizens through education.

Recently, Lifting Liberia has received funding to educate 100 needy students in the underdeveloped Kokoyah District. These recently selected students will now have the means and opportunities never before available to them.

Girl’s Enrichment Program

“Educate a woman; you educate a generation.” – Brigham Young

photo 5

Typical restroom facilities in a school in the Kokoyah District.

The Girl’s Enrichment Program is designed to combat the dropout rate among girls and young women in Liberia and increase attendance and matriculation rates. There are many hardships particular to women that prevent their pursuing and education. For instance, many young women must miss school simply because they lack access to proper hygiene facilities or materials during menstruation. Others drop out completely because of early pregnancy and young motherhood, often because of men who made promises of financial support only to abandon them when they became pregnant.

In response, the program seeks to provide financial aid as well as adequate hygiene facilities, access to well water, and feminine hygiene supplies to provide consistent support to female students increasing their chances of success. Additionally, the program is aimed at sustainable solutions to these difficult problems. Lifting Liberia is currently working on bringing in a licensed American gynecologist to train Liberian midwives who can then in turn become trainers in their own villages. Workshops and meetings will also be conducted in order to instruct local residence in proper use and maintenance of wells and pumps so that their use and effectiveness can be ensured for years to come.

Other Efforts


Students working with donated computers. Every contribution helps!

Lifting Liberia also supports communities, schools, and teachers in other ways. Donated materials such as books, computers, uniforms, desks, etc. are all sent in support of local schools where our children are attending. These donations, in addition to monetary support are crucial to helping the people of Liberia rebuild their educational system and lift the children, and the nation out of poverty.

Thank you to all our past, present, and future supporters for your contributions to the children of Liberia!

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