Ways to Help

Liberian Boy with Rice & BeansChange for Africa

Fundraising can start small. Just place jars or buckets around your school and community. This is an easy and effective way to raise money. It’s just amazing how a few pennies here and a few quarters there add up!

Change for Africa is an easy first step towards getting your school or club started in raising money to help educate children in Liberia.

Change For Africa Flyer 2.0



Your school probably already has a variety of dances, plays, and sporting events happening. The students/parents are there you just need to piggyback with a fun fundraising event. It can be as simple as setting up a donation basket or raffling off a donated item at a school dance or play. Another idea is adding an extra $1 to a ticket cost for a play or sporting event.

Make plans to talk with your club/faculty advisor and get a meeting going. You’re working for a great cause! Schools for students to help bring change through education in Africa.



Judge Memorial High School raised over a thousand dollars holding a Jeans for Jesus Day. Students paid $3 to wear jeans instead of their uniforms for the day.  See what your school can come up with and share your success with us!



Big events like dinner/auctions can raise a lot of money. You can even partner with a community club or organization.

  • The Home Machine Quilting Show auctioned off handmade quilts during a live auction at an expo center and rose over $5000!
  • Judge Memorial’s Interact Group, partnering with Rotary, held a dinner and silent auction serving traditional Liberian food that rose over $2000.
The ideas are endless. Be creative and use your imagination!

Here are some of our recent photos from recent fundraising events